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Septic Aerator Repair/Replacement

Here at Stiger Precast our factory trained motor repair technicians can repair most aeration motors including but not limited to Jet, Gast, and Oldham. If you have an aerator unit that has not been listed please feel free to call us because we may be able to fix it, exchange it for a unit that we do carry, and/or we can send you in the right direction to get the repairs that you need.

Don't know what you have or just don’t want to deal with it? Give us a call and our Certified Service Technicians can come to your house and do an evaluation, repair/replace your aerator, make on-site repairs, and/or just explain system. Please call 740-482-2313 for current Service Call pricing.

Jet Aerator

700 model Jet aerator
700 model Jet Aerator

Price: New Jet Aerator   $710.00   Shipping Available

BUT WAIT… We could possibly save you over $300.00!!!

In most situations our repair technicians can repair your Jet Aerator. In the event that it can not be repaired Jet Inc. offers a Lifetime Exchange Program on all Jet aerators giving you a discount off of your purchase of a new Jet aerator based on the age of your current aerator.

Current Exchange Unit Pricing
1 - 30 months    N.C. Freight Charge Only
30 months - 4 years    $405.00
4 - 5 years    $490.00
5 - 8 years    $580.00
8 - 10 years    $610.00
10 - 20 years    $625.00

Don't live close enough for us to come and see you? You can ship your aerator to us and we can see if we can fix it or send you an exchange unit back. Call 740-482-2313 for details.

Repairs can be made to the unit by our repair technicians. Please feel free to stop by and get a quote on repairs or current pricing on a new unit. Just like the Jet aerators your unit can be shipped directly to us and we can repair/replace it and ship it back. Call 740-482-2313 for details.

Stiger Precast Inc. reserves the right at any given time to change any and all prices given on this website or any other documentation given by said company. All prices given do not include any county, state, or federal taxes that may need to be added.

Please call today for more information: 740-482-2313