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Bio Jet-7 Dry Packs

A New Powerful Septic Tank & Wastewater Treatment Additive.
Only $34.95 for a years supply. View product details (PDF) or call us to order yours today.

BIO JET-7 Plus Dry Pack

BIO JET-7 ... A new Powerful Wastewater Treatment Weapon
Biojet7 Biojet7 Chemical Biojet7

New & Improved BIO JET-7 breaks down and digests grease, fats, soap, scum and other colloidals and dissolves organic materials in both anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment systems. In addition to dramatic improvements in oxidizing organic compounds, it ensures major COST SAVINGS to users.

More amazing benefits:

BIO JET-7 can be delivered by the case straight to your home or office or picked up by the gallon at our office.

Read the BIO JET-7 brochure
Chemical Biojet7 Brochure

1 Gallon Bottle   $24.95
Case (4 - 1 gallon bottles)   $95.80
Please call 740-482-2313 for Shipping & Handling Quote

Chlorine/Dechlor Tablets ... A Powerful Wastewater Treatment Weapon

JET-CHLOR Tablets provide fast, complete bacteria killing power and inhibit bacteria regrowth at the same time. Their convenience, efficiency and dependability is unsurpassed.

Read the JET-CHLOR Tablet brochure
Chemical Chlor Tab Brochure
Jet Chlor Bucket Jet Chlor Tablets

CHLOR-AWAY® Dechlorination Tablets remove chlorine in proportion to the flow of treated wastewater. It is the most practical chlorine removal system available today. Use your CHLOR-AWAY® System to dechlorinate wastewater, cooling tower blow down, boiler water and process water when chlorine or oxidizers are undesirable. In addition to unsurpassed efficiency and effectiveness, the Jet CHLOR-AWAY® System provides all these benefits:

Jet's specially formulated CHLOR-AWAY® Tablets provide unsurpassed dechlorination convenience, efficiency and dependability.

JET-CHLOR & CHLOR-AWAY® can be delivered straight to your home or office. Please call for current tablet pricing and shipping & handling cost.

Please call today for more information: 740-482-2313